Creates or edits an graphics device colour lookup table


This application allows a lookup table  to be created or edited interactively. The process is controlled through a graphical user interface which presents curves of intensity against pen number, and allows the user to change them in various ways. A specified image is displayed as part of the interface in order to see the effects of the changes. A histogram of pen values is also included. The colour of each pen can be displayed either as red, green and blue intensity, or as hue, saturation and value. More information on the use of the GUI is available through the Help menu within the GUI.


lutedit lut image device


The name of an graphics device. If a null (!) value is supplied for Parameter LUT, then the current LUT associated with the specified device will be loaded into the editor initially. On exit, the final contents of the editor (if saved) are established as the current LUT for the specified device. [Current graphics device]
LUT = NDF (Read)
Name of an exiting colour table to be edited. This should be an NDF  containing an array of red, green and blue intensities. The NDF must be two-dimensional, the first dimension being 3, and the second being arbitrary. The method used to compress or expand the colour table if the second dimension is different from the number of unreserved colour indices is controlled by the "Interpolation" option in the GUI. If LUT is null (!) the current Kappa colour table for the xwindows graphics display is used. [!]
IMAGE = NDF (Read)
Input NDF data structure containing the image to be displayed to show the effect of the created colour table. If a null value is supplied a default image is used.

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