Stack images produced by JCMT instruments into a 3-d cube


Stack SCUBA-2 or ACSIS images into a 3-d cube with time as the third axis.

By default the recipe will write out a separate output file for each UT date in the list of input files. SCUBA-2 data will also be sorted by the shutter setting. The user may give a list of additional FITS headers for collating the input files.

The user may also provide the name of an NDF extension which will be stacked instead of the top-level data component (e.g. NEP).


Available Parameters :

The following parameters can be set via the -recpars option:
The name of an NDF extension to stack, rather than the top-level data structure. It must be located under the .more.smurf hierarchy, and no check is made that it exists before attempting to access it.
A list of FITS header keywords to be used to sort the files before stacking. Only files with matching FITS header values will be used in the stack.