Analyze a single SASSy field


Analyze individual maps of SASSy fields, combine them into a single coadd and apply a matched filter before running a source-detection algorithm. Detected sources are written to a CUPID catalogue file with suffix _cat. Statistics are written to a log file called log.sassy.

The statistics are calculated within the area defined by the MAP_HGHT and MAP_WDTH FITS headers, or by equivalent recipe parameters (below).

See the documentation for the SCUBA2_MATCHED_FILTER recipe for matched-filter-specific parameters which may also be specified.


The image is trimmed to a circle of radius 4500 arcsec before applying the matched filter.

Available Parameters :

The following parameters can be set via the -recpars option:
Method to use for cropping image. May be statistical, rectangle (default) or circle, each of which may be abbreviated to the first four characters.
A flag to indicate whether or not a log file (called log.sassy) should be written to disk. Default is 1 (yes).
Map height in arcsec. Default is to use the value in the FITS header.
Radius of output image in arcsec. Overrides existence of MAP_HEIGHT and MAP_WIDTH.
Map width in arcsec. Default is to use the value in the FITS header.