Register SCUBA-2 images to a common position


Register SCUBA-2 images to a common sky position. The position may be specified, however, the WCS SkyRef attribute is used if the source is a calibrator; (0,0) is used for images in offset coordinate systems. If no reference position has been established, the recipe finds the brightest peak in the image and attempts to use that. All subsequent images will then be registered to the first.

A fit is performed at the peak position in each image, using the reference as an initial guess, and the tangent-plane X,Y offsets between the peak and reference positions are calculated. The offsets are applied to the WCS. Note that only a linear shift is performed; this recipe is not a full astrometry matching routine and does not deal with rotations between images.

The reference position is assumed to be RA/Dec coordinates if given in sexagesimal format, otherwise Galactic (in degrees).


Available Parameters :

The following parameters can be set via the -recpars option:
Flag to indicate that the given images should all be shifted to a common position. No action will be taken if this flag is false (0).
X coordinate of reference position. May be Right Ascension (in HH:MM:SS.S format) or Galactic longitude (in decimal degrees).
Y coordinate of reference position. May be Declination (in DD:MM:SS.S format) or Galactic latitude (in decimal degrees).