Apply a matched filter to input images


Apply a matched filter to SCUBA-2 images with the aim of enhancing point sources. The given images are convolved with a PSF, which the user can supply or is created by the recipe. Before the convolution, the maps and the PSF are smoothed with a gaussian, and these smoothed versions are subtracted from the unsmoothed versions.

The default PSF is a two-component gaussian model of the JCMT beam with relative amplitudes and FWHM as given in the SCUBA-2 calibration paper (Mairs et al. 2021, AJ, 162, 191).


Available Parameters :

The following parameters can be set via the -recpars option:
A flag to indicate that the PSF created by this recipe should remain on disk after processing. If not specified, the PSF will be deleted if one is created. This parameter is ignored if a PSF file is given (see PSF_MATCHFILTER).
Name of an NDF file containing a suitable PSF. Must exist in the current working directory. If not specified, the recipe will calculate one itself for each input file.
Normalization scheme used for the PSF created by this recipe if one is not specified using the above parameter. Maybe be PEAK or SUM to indicate whether the Gaussian PSF should have a peak of unity or a sum of unity. If not specified, the recipe assumes PEAK.
Flag to denote whether or not the image and PSF should be smoothed and have the smoothed version subtracted from the original. If not specified, the recipe assumes a value of 1 (smooth and subtract).
FWHM of Gaussian used to smooth data and PSF images before convolving with the PSF. If not specified the recipe assumes 30 arcsec.