Create a scaled PSF from maps with fake sources added


This recipe combines a series of maps that have had artificial gaussians added in and scales the coadd using information about the original scaling to enable the FCF to be corrected for filtering in the map-maker.

The input files should be those created by a call to the SCUBA-2 pipeline recipe REDUCE_SCAN_FAINT_POINT_SOURCES_JACKKNIFE (or one of its aliases) that have had the artificial gaussian added at the map-making stage. These will have a suffix of _mappsf.

The PSF is scaled using a factor read from the FITS headers of the input files if available, or from a recipe parameter (see below).

This PSF may then be given to SCUBA2_JACKKNIFE via the recipe parameter PSF_MATCHFILTER.


Available Parameters :

The following recipe parameters can be set via the -recpars
A flag to indicate whether the scale factor below should be scaled by the square-root of the number of files. Should be left unset unless it was also specified when the ORAC-DR recipe was originally run.
Amplitude of the fake source (in Jy) added to the timeseries to assess the map-making response to a point source.