Copies information from the POLPACK extension to named FITS keywords


This application copies information from the POLPACK extension of a group of NDFs, into the corresponding FITS extensions. It is intended primarily for use when converting NDFs created by POLPACK into a foreign data format. Appropriate FITS header cards are written to the FITS extensions of the NDFs, replacing any existing cards for the same keywords. The keywords used are listed below. Information exported to the FITS extension can be imported back into the POLPACK extension using POLIMP.


polexp in


IN = NDF (Read)
A group of data files. This may take the form of a comma separated list of file names, or any of the other forms described in the help on "Group Expressions".
The name of a file to create containing a list of the successfully processed NDFs. This file can be used when specifying the input NDFs for subsequent applications. No file is created if a null (!) value is given. [!]
If FALSE, then each NDF is listed as it is processed. Otherwise, nothing is written to the screen. [FALSE]


polexp in=^names.lis
This example processes the NDFs listed in the text file "names.lis". The information stored in the POLPACK extension of each is exported to the FITS extension.

FITS Keywords

The following FITS keywords are created. The POLPACK extension item stored in the keyword is shown in parentheses (see POLIMP for a description of these extension items):


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