Produces intensity data corresponding to given Stokes vectors


This application produces intensity data (either 2D images or 3D cubes) corresponding to given Stokes vectors. A set of template input intensity images or cubes are supplied which define the pixel positions, analyser angles, efficiencies, transmissions, etc. The pixel values supplied in these templates are ignored. A set of corresponding output intensity images or cubes are created which inherit the properties of the input NDFs. The pixel values in these images are calculated using the supplied Stokes vectors, using the analyser properties defined in the input images.


polsim cube in out


CUBE = NDF (Read)
The name of the input NDF holding the Stokes parameters, such as produced by POLCAL.
IN = NDF (Read)
A group specifying the names of the input intensity NDFs. This may take the form of a comma separated list, or any of the other forms described in the help on "Group Expressions". These images must be aligned pixel-for-pixel with the Stokes vectors given by CUBE.
OUT = NDF (Read)
A group specifying the names of the output intensity NDFs.
If FALSE, then the name of each input NDF will be displayed as it is processed. Otherwise, nothing is written to the screen. [FALSE]


polsim cube "_A" "_sim"
A set of intensity images is created holding analysed intensities derived from the Stokes vectors in file "cube". Each output image inherits the pixel positions and analyser properties from a specified input intensity image. All images in the current directory which have file names ending with "_A" are used as the input template images, and the output images containing simulated intensity values have the same names, but with "_sim" appended.


Copyright (C) 2001 Central Laboratory of the Research Councils