Bins a catalogue containing Stokes parameters


This application creates a new catalogue of polarization vectors by binning the Stokes parameters in the supplied catalogue. The columns in the supplied catalogue should correspond to those created by POLVEC.

The bins used form a grid of equally sized rectangular cells, the dimensions of each cell being specified by the parameter BOX in terms of the X and Y columns in the catalogue. Spectropolarimetry data can also be binned in the frequency axis (see parameter ZBOX). The grid contains sufficient cells to include all the vector positions included in the input catalogue. Each position in the output catalogue corresponds to one of these cells. The Stokes parameters for the cell are formed by combining together the Stokes parameters of all input positions which fall within the cell, using the method specified by the parameter METHOD. The degree of polarization, angle of polarization, and polarized intensity are then derived from these combined Stokes parameters. The vector position in the output catalogue is the position at the centre of the corresponding cell.


polbin in out box [method]


BOX( 2 ) = _REAL (Read)
The x and y bin sizes. These values refer to the coordinate Frame defined by columns " X" and " Y" and will usually be in units of pixels. This parameter is not accessed if parameter INTEGRATE is TRUE. Parameter ZBOX specifies binning along the frequency axis when dealing with spectropolarimeter data.
TRUE if a correction for statistical bias is to be made to percentage polarization and polarized intensity. The returned variance values are unchanged. This correction only applies to calculations of linear polarization, and cannot be used if the input cube does not contain variance values. If a null value (!) is supplied, then the correction is applied if output variances are being created, and not otherwise. The type of de-biasing to use is specified by parameter DEBIASTYPE. [!]
Only used if DEBIAS is TRUE. It gives the type of bias estimator to use, using the nomeclature of Montier at al " Polarization measurements analysis II. Best estimators of polarization fraction and angle" (A&A, 2018):
  • " AS" : The asymptotic estimator. See section 2.3 of Montier et al. This estimator produces bad P and PI values if the squared PI value is less than the variance in PI.

  • " MAS" : The modified asymptotic estimator. See section 2.5 of Montier et al. This estimator does not produces bad P and PI values, even if the squared PI value is less than the variance in PI.

This parameter was introduced at version 3.6.2 of POLPACK. Earlier versions always used the " AS" estimator if de-biasing was requested. The dynamic default is the current value, which is initially " AS" . []

The name of the input catalogue. A file type of .FIT is assumed if none is provided.
If TRUE, then all the input vectors are placed in a single bin. In this case, parameter BOX is not used and the output catalogue will contain only a single vector. [FALSE]
The method to be used when binning Stokes parameters. This may be set to any unique abbreviation of the following:
  • MEAN – Mean of the input data values

  • MEDIAN – Median of the input data values

  • SIGMA – A sigma clipped mean

In all cases, if variances are available for the input Stokes parameters, then the reciprocals of these variances will be used to weight the input Stokes parameters when forming the output Stokes parameters using the selected method. [MEDIAN]

The minimum number of good input values which must be present in a cell to create a good output value. [1]
The name of the output catalogue. A file type of .FIT is assumed if none is provided.
If TRUE, columns holding the RA and DEC (FK5, J2000) are added to the output catalogue, if the input catalogue contains the necessary WCS information. If FALSE, no RA and DEC columns are written. For large catalogues, creating RA and DEC columns can cause a significant delay. [current value]
Number of standard deviations to reject data at. Only used if METHOD is set to " SIGMA" . [4.0]
ZBOX = _REAL (Read)
The bin size along the third (Z) axis in the input catalogue. a Z column. The supplied value should usually be in units of pixels. This parameter is not accessed if parameter INTEGRATE is TRUE, or if the input catalogue does not contain a Z column.


polbin intab outtab 4
Bins the Stokes parameters in catalogue " intab.FIT" and produces catalogue " outtab.FIT" containing binned Stokes parameters and corresponding polarization parameters. Each bin measures 4 pixels along both the X and Y axes, and has a value based on the median of the corresponding input Stokes values.