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POLBIN Bins a catalogue containing Stokes vectors. 70

POLCAL Calculates Stokes vectors from a set of aligned intensity images. 71

POLCONCAT Concatenates two or more POLPACK vector catalogues. 77

POLEDIT Modifies a POLPACK vector catalogue in several different ways. 78

POLEXP Exports POLPACK information within an NDF to a FITS extension. 81

POLEXT Sets explicit values in the POLPACK extension. 82

POLIMP Imports POLPACK information into an NDF from a FITS extension. 81

POLHELP Displays textual help information for POLPACK. 84

POLIMAGE Converts a catalogue into an NDF. 86

POLKA An X-based GUI which converts raw photometric images into Stokes vectors. 92

POLPLOT Displays polarization vectors supplied in a catalogue. 97

POLROTREF Rotates the reference direction for a pair of Q and U images. 102

POLSIM Produces intensity images corresponding to given Stokes vectors. 104

POLSTACK Stack a set of intensity images. 104

POLVEC Converts a Stokes vector cube into a catalogue of polarization vectors. 106

POLWCSCOPY Copies WCS information from one catalogue to another. 110