A Description of the POLPACK applications

 A.1 Alphabetic list of POLPACK routines.
 A.2 Complete routine descriptions

A.1 Alphabetic list of POLPACK routines.

POLBIN Bins a catalogue containing Stokes vectors. 70

POLCAL Calculates Stokes vectors from a set of aligned intensity images. 71

POLCONCAT Concatenates two or more POLPACK vector catalogues. 77

POLEDIT Modifies a POLPACK vector catalogue in several different ways. 78

POLEXP Exports POLPACK information within an NDF to a FITS extension. 81

POLEXT Sets explicit values in the POLPACK extension. 82

POLIMP Imports POLPACK information into an NDF from a FITS extension. 81

POLHELP Displays textual help information for POLPACK. 84

POLIMAGE Converts a catalogue into an NDF. 86

POLKA An X-based GUI which converts raw photometric images into Stokes vectors. 92

POLPLOT Displays polarization vectors supplied in a catalogue. 97

POLROTREF Rotates the reference direction for a pair of Q and U images. 102

POLSIM Produces intensity images corresponding to given Stokes vectors. 104

POLSTACK Stack a set of intensity images. 104

POLVEC Converts a Stokes vector cube into a catalogue of polarization vectors. 106

POLWCSCOPY Copies WCS information from one catalogue to another. 110

A.2 Complete routine descriptions

The POLPACK routine descriptions are contained in the following pages. These descriptions follow the style used in SUN/95 for NDF applications.