Import a FORTRAN CHARACTER array into a C string array.


Import a FORTRAN CHARACTER array into a C string array, discarding trailing blanks. The null character is appended to the C string after the last non-blank character copied from the FORTRAN string if there is room. No more than ‘dest_len’ characters will be copied for each string.


cnfImprta( source_f, source_len, dest_c, dest_len, ndims, dims )


const char source_f (Given)
A pointer to the input FORTRAN array
int source_len (Given)
The declared maximum number of characters in a element of the FORTRAN array
char dest_c (Returned via pointer)
A pointer to the output C array
int dest_len (Given)
The maximum number of characters in an element of the C array (including terminating null if required). This would be the last declared dimension of a char array.
int ndims (Given)
The number of dimensions of the FORTRAN array
const int dims (Given)
A pointer to a 1-D array giving the dimensions of the FORTRAN array.


The C array is treated as an array of strings but it will actually be a char array with one more dimension than the FORTRAN array, the last dimension being ‘dest_len’. The other dimensions must be as for the FORTRAN array.