3 ICL for Unix

ICL for Unix behaves very like the VMS version described in SG/5, however there are differences. The ICL HELP command will give more up-to-date and Unix oriented information than SG/5.

ICL is started from a Unix shell by a command of the form:

% icl [ICL_options] [command_filenames...]


(optional) have not yet been fully developed and should not be used without advice. ICL options start with ‘-’ and must appear before any command-file names.
(optional) are the names of any files containing ICL commands which are to be obeyed by ICL before the ICL prompt appears. They are loaded after any ICL login files (see Appendix E). A file extension of .icl is assumed if no extension is specified. All filenames must appear after any ICL options.


  % icl

This will be the normal invocation. Only defined ICL login files will be loaded before the ICL prompt is output.

  % icl -io test_io comfile1 comfile2

which would set the value of the ICL option -io to test_io and the ICL command files comfile1.icl and comfile2.icl would be automatically loaded into ICL (after any defined ICL login files) before the ICL prompt was output.