5 The Functionality of catremote

The purpose of catremote is to query remote astronomical databases. It has a number of separate functions to realise this purpose, and each function corresponds to a mode of the program. The mode to be used is specified when catremote is run. The various modes are listed in Table 2 and described briefly below. Running catremote to invoke the various modes is described in detail in Section 6, below.

list all the databases which are currently available.
show details of a named database.
submit a query to a named database and retrieve the results. The basic type of query supported is the ‘cone search’ or ‘circular area search’ which returns all the objects found in a given circular area of sky. This area is specified by its central Right Ascension and Declination and angular radius. The objects returned are formatted as a catalogue and written to a local file.
submit a name of an astronomical object to a remote name-resolver database. If the name-resolver finds this name in its database then the Right Ascension and Declination of the object are returned and displayed.
list the modes available.

Mode Description

list list the databases currently available
details show details of a named database
query submit a query to a remote database and retrieve the results
name resolve an object name into coordinates
help list the modes available

Table 2: The modes of catremote