G Backpage alphabetical listing

CORR — Cross-correlates a galaxy template with an image. 73

ELLFOU — Ellipse fits galaxies by contour analysis. 75

ELLPRO — Ellipse fits galaxies by intensity analysis. 78

FASTMED — Variable size median filtering. 81

GAUFIT — 2-D Gaussian fit to source. 82

GRAPHS — Display and analyse profile results. 84

HISTPEAK — Determine image pixel count statistics. 87

HSUB — An application employing HISTPEAK as a subroutine. 89

LOBACK — Determines the background value at numerous image locations 91

MASK — Uses an ARD file definition to set to bad the specified pixels of an image. 93

MIXUP — Scrambles the positions of all the pixels on an image. 94

SECTOR — Generates a pie-slice profile of a galaxy/source. 95

SELFC — Self-correlates an image on a given scale. 98

SELFCW — Self/cross-correlates a galaxy template with an image. 100

SKEW — Highlights flatfielding problems. 102

TOPPED — Removes bright parts of an image. 104